What Is WebP (And Why Is It Important)?

Several image formats are floating over the Internet so what’s new in this WebP extension? Let us tell you that this image format is suggested by google itself and they recommend you to use these extension images on your website or blogs to make your webpage loads faster even if you have bulk images on the page.

This format supports all types of images, even if you compress your JPG, JPEG, GIF, or Sticker image you can convert it into WebP without any issues. The new format will not harm your quality, but in exchange, it will serve you less sized images which is suitable for all online platforms. Seems good for loading and can be used while presenting slides, blog posts, or project synopsis.


What is WebP?

Webp is a compressed version of your JPEG or PNG images with no quality loss and less in size, which defines itself that you don’t have to pact with anything when you compress your images you’ll get something extra in return.

Google suggests all the new bloggers use WebP images on their website for better ranking and to get featured in the image section of google search. Also, webp is known as the future of image formats.

Why is it Important?

If you own a website and you just need plenty of images in every article you write, this will take more seconds to load your page in the browser because it has to load all the texts and images before serving it to the viewers.

But, if you use webp images you don’t have to deal with slow loading speed because the images are well-compressed and it reduced the size to almost 70% less than the actual size, even with the same quality as before.


Benefits of WebP Images

Several great things can cause if you use WebP images instead of any other format. The list might get long so here are the few major things you should notice on your own when you start using these new format images which are personally suggested by Google.


Fast to Load

We all know most of the images take time to open up because of the quality scenes, the bigger the quality is the more time it takes to load. But here, with this format, you can load these images within a blink of an eye.


Less in Size

Once you compress the images from any other format to WebP you’ll notice the sudden drop of size with a 70% ratio. A 100kb image will turn into a 30kb in size will no quality loss. Which makes this format even more outstanding in comparison to any other format.


Online Viewer

To open these format images you don’t have to play with any third-party applications. A WebP image needs a web browser to preview the file which is already available on every device you use. You can open and preview your webP image in Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.



How to convert your images into Webp?

For this, you must need an online converter to convert your JPEG into WEBP format. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to cost you anything. There are several free converters available on the internet for the same job. Let us tell you the process of how you can convert and compress your images without losing any quality.


  • Go to the webp converter tool, or click here to let us redirect you to the tools page.
  • Select the size, it defaults on 90% you can reduce it to 70%, this doesn’t affect the quality of the image but can make minor changes on the size or the image.
  • We suggest you keep it at 70% as it will reduce the size of your image by 70%.
  • In the above area, you have to upload the image from your gallery. Click on it and select your file. You can add up to 10 images at a time.
  • Once you’re done selecting the images, click on upload. It will be uploaded on the tool and within no time it will compress and convert your image into webp.
  • It will ask you about the storage location where you want to download the output images, select your desired location, and press ok.
  • Your files are now extracted and available for use.
  • Check and compare the size/quality of the image on your own to find the difference.
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So we hope you guys have found the answers for what is wepP and why is it important for us. If you have any other doubts, don’t be shy, just drop the words into the comment box, we will surely assist you as soon as we can. Until then, keep sharing our articles with your friends and family to know about these amazing ideas.


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