How to Enable Custom Thumbnails on YouTube

As we all know thumbnails are the easiest way to describe your whole video idea to the viewers even before they click on it, do you know what’s gonna happen next? If your thumbnail excites them then they’ll surely click on it to pass their time or to learn the educational facts or whatever your content is all about just because your thumbnail and title were extremely enthusiastic and clickable. In this article, we are going to share tips about how to enable custom thumbnails on YouTube for your new videos, or already uploaded videos.


Fact is, Youtube doesn’t demand any high requirements for this to happen with a new content creator or the already million milestone achiever. Youtube treats all the creators the same, as they should be. You just have to do a few things to get the custom thumbnail option, as when you create a new channel you only have access to limited features. But there’s nothing to be worried about, we will help you through a step-by-step procedure to reach all available features you should need to grow your channel’s engagement.



First of all, let’s talk about what is required to get a custom thumbnail feature on your youtube channel. The list isn’t any big, it hardly needs one of two major guidelines which you should remember all the time.


Verification of your Channel

You must have to verify your channel through your phone number, this is a must-do step for everyone. No matter from which country you belong, you can easily pass through this step with your native mobile number and verification code.


No Community Strike

Keep in mind that your channel doesn’t or didn’t violate any community guidelines, the content is under the radar of the algorithm and follows all the basic rules. If your channel promotes any type of vulgar content, copyrighted material, or age-restricted content then you should clear the pending strikes or go for a fresh start with a new channel.


Length of the Video

Youtube has recently mentioned the length size required for the custom thumbnail which is over 15 minutes, but with the new updates, some of the creators can pass this requirement and upload custom thumbnails even on 5 to 6-minute videos. So, we aren’t sure about this.


How to Verify Your YouTube Channel with Phone Number

It’s an easy task to verify your mobile number at any point in your channel’s career, it doesn’t require any special demand of 1000+ subscribers or 400 hours of watch time. You can follow these steps even if you don’t have a single subscriber. Yes, that’s amazing for a new content creator to act as he belongs to the same society where all big YouTuber belongs.

Let’s begin with the verification process, for this, you must know your country’s telephone code and have your phone number with you because you need to enter an OTP (one-time-password) for the verification.


  • Open your and go to your channel, you can go through your desktop browser or mobile browser. We suggest you use a desktop as it will be quite easier for you to understand all the figures.
  • Click on the option area and go to youtube studio.
  • Once you reach the studio you’ll get two options in the studio settings, General and Channel. Click on Channel.
  • You’ll find a menu named Feature Eligibility in the list, click on it to expand the available content.
  • There will be an alert saying you have to verify your number to unlock the feature. Click on it to proceed with verification.
  • Tap on Verify Phone Number Button on the screen and it will redirect you to a form page.
  • Select your country name and choose what kind of verification you’re comfortable at, either a recorded voice call or SMS verification.
  • On the next page, you have to enter your phone number, once you submit your number you’ll get the code through call/text.
  • Enter the same 6 digits in the available text area to verify.
  • Now you have unlocked all the eligible features.
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How to add a custom thumbnail on new videos?

When you upload a new video you’ll get an option to choose a thumbnail from your existing video or you can go with the Upload Thumbnail option.

You can pick a random snap from your video or you can upload a picture out of the box from your gallery to make your video looks even more professional.


How to add a custom thumbnail on already uploaded videos?

  • Go to YouTube Studio, select your channel.
  • Browse the videos and click on the options icon.
  • You’ll see a pencil icon (which is defined for EDIT)
  • Click on it to edit the properties of your video, now you can edit the Title, Description, Tags, and Thumbnail.
  • Make your changes and save the video, it will be reflected on your video within no time.



So this was all about how you can enable custom thumbnails on YouTube and upload custom thumbnails on your new or already uploaded videos. Hope you guys have enjoyed our work and if you find this article working then share it with your other friends to let them know these simple tricks.


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