Best Ways to Make YouTube Thumbnail Online

Do you find making your youtube thumbnails hard and time-consuming? Maybe you’re not doing it the right way. Here, on this page, we are going to share the best ways to make youtube thumbnails online without spending hours editing or downloading free images. This article isn’t sponsored by any editing application or website, we believe in the mentioned names that’s why we are sharing the names with you.


We are on YouTube for the last 2 years and made hundreds of custom thumbnails for your content, earlier we used a youtube thumbnail downloader to catch free thumbnail images from other creators but it doesn’t seem legit for a professional creator. So, we decided to start making our thumbnails with fewer efforts and eye-catching images. Trust us, this changed our journey because we started getting more audience than ever.


You might be thinking that this is going to burn your pockets and demand a high-paid subscription plan but let us tell you that it’s all free. You can make your thumbnails even if you’re just a beginner and don’t have money to spend on subscriptions. When you’re fine with the tool and working process, you can proceed with the premium plans for other great benefits.

Let’s start with the websites you should remember to make youtube thumbnails online without any software.

We suggest you use this website because it has amazing features for an individual or the business organization to make all types of icons, thumbnails, posters, or visiting cards. You can enjoy plenty of free templates and hundreds of high-quality images for free of cost.

This online website has three major types of plans, which is Free, Pro, and Enterprise.

Where the Free is free but it also has limitations that you can’t access the image library of canva where the photos are unbelievably great and use limited fonts, with limited design.

Pro Has almost all the premium access to the image library, you can use any font, or play with thousands of templates. It will cost you around $12.49 per month. Which isn’t a big amount if you get to know the real worth of this tool.

Enterprise offers a variety of more benefits but as you’re just an individual you don’t have to run that far for now. So, let’s not talk about it for now.

If you don’t have any photography skills and don’t want to pay canva for custom photography images then upsplash can help you in getting thousands of copyright-free images to use for your purposes. They don’t demand any fee or subscription plan to let you download their images. Also, the quality of images here is extremely great that no other camera can beat the pixels. You’ll get clean and decent photos with any watermark, which means you can use the images on canvas or other platforms for easy editing.


How to make a youtube thumbnail online with canva?

As we already mentioned that you don’t have to spend much time online just to make eye-catching thumbnails on your own. Canva will help you in getting amazing templates, which you can renovate on your own with other images and text material to claim as yours.

For all this to happen you just have to follow these simple steps to get a brand new thumbnail.


  • Open and on the top menu, you’ll find a search bar.
  • Click on it and search for “Youtube thumbnails”.
  • You’ll get a variety of options with different categories, whether you want to make a thumbnail on foods/cooking, fitness, finance advisor, technology, or entertainment channel.
  • You can go with any of them, once you click on the option you’ll get a bunch of templates to pick. All these templates are available for editing, if you find any template which suits your niche you can on it. If not, just skip the part and you’ll get a blank space for a fresh piece.
  • The size of the thumbnail is already adjusted, you don’t have to put any dimensions.
  • Once you get the white blank space, add some images as the layer. You can choose free images from Photos, from the left side options.
  • Click on photos and search for the relevant queries. If you enter Cars, you’ll get hundreds of free images of car with different action pose and photography shots.
  • Not impressed with the free images of canva, upload your own from the Upload option, which is just below the Photos option in the left menu bar.
  • If you want to add text, click on the Text option from the left menu. Also, the text has a variety of templates that you can use to make your words even more eye-catching.
  • Once you’re done with the editing you can export the image directly to your storage or on any social platform. On the save button you’ll get all the available options where you can save your design.


Final Words

In the end, we just want you to know that both free and pro plans of canva work great and serve you the benefits without any advertisement or watermark. That’s why we recommend canva as the Best Way to Make YouTube Thumbnail Online with fewer efforts and professional design.


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